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Cyber Risk andLiability

Electronic Data

Protect your business from the liability of a cyber attack, data breach and/or other unauthorized use of your electronic data and software.


Most experts agree that at some point all businesses will suffer a potentially large loss from a malicious software attack or some other type of cyber breach.  Even though a vast majority of companies conduct their business on line and store their valuable data on computer networks and/or in the cloud (internet storage), the standard business owner policy does not consider electronic data to be tangible assets and therefore do not cover them.  


CCI can help you secure cyber risk and liability insurance tailored around your company’s specific needs.  Cyber risk liability policies generally cover loss caused by computer viruses, computer theft, extortion, intentional or unintentional errors made by your employees, as well as an outright cyber breach and/unauthorized use of your data from someone outside your business.  







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