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New York State Disabililty

Help your employees satisfy the state mandate.

According to The New York Disability Benefits Law most employees working in New York are required to obtain state approved short term disability insurance.   Employees can obtain the disability insurance either through a private carrier or through the New York State Insurance Fund directly.  


Employers can help employees satisfy this state mandate by making short term disability coverage available that meets the state’s minimum requirements and/or more, either as an employer paid benefit or as a voluntary benefit at discounted premiums.  New York State employers should note that their contributions to this mandate are tax deductible and are considered taxable income to the employee.  Employees may treat their portion of the premium as tax deductible as well, but only if the disability insurance is obtained through the New York State Fund and not a private carrier.  

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Affordable options for  complying

with NY State Disability mandates.