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Risk Management

Pre-Audit Review Program (PAR)

Our PAR Program, Pre-Audit Program, is designed to help you get ahead of the audit cycle. In our consulting business we seem to deal with clients who come to us after an adverse audit has been completed and usually when an audit dispute needs to be made with their insurance carrier.   PAR is designed to get you ahead of the audit game to help you set up your books with proper codes and record keeping to take control of the audit rules, to be proactive, before the audit is completed.


Well help you get ahead of the workers compensation audit game by assisting you with:


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We will assist you by identifying your business  work processes.

Review current classification codes being used on your policy.

Identify alternate best combinations of codes for your business.


Help you understand how to use code classifications and how you may modify your business to take advantage of the best combination of codes.

Review your record keeping methods and identify methods on how to improve them and better meet audit rules.

And much more...