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Effective Workers Comp Claims Management

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Workers’ compensation can be complicated for any business with multi-state operations. As CCI Understands all too well, every state has its own benefit structure, rating and filing requirements. Our team is focused on understanding the complexities of each of those jurisdictions where our clients do business, whether it’s one state or ten — knowing which programs could benefit them when they have a loss, and getting them set up so they’re prepared.” 


CCI helps clients to prevent and manage loss, increase employee productivity, and keep claim costs down in several ways.


Timely and fair resolutions of claims, geared to get injured workers treated and back to work as safely and as soon possible.   With workers’ compensation, a company’s exposure units aren’t its products. It’s their people,” which makes it a very personal issue, as well as a personnel issue.  The company's productivity is impacted when there’s a loss, as well as the employee’s livelihood. We work to develop programs that work well for everyone involved, getting the company back to normal quickly, and whenever possible returning the employee to the workplace as early as possible.  CCI’s experienced team helps the process go more smoothly by taking a proactive team approach that involves maintaining an open line of communication between all parties (employer, employee, carrier, medical providers, TPAs).  

Preventing and managing loss.

It’s our job to be our client’s advocate throughout the entire claims process — to be there whenever they need us for whatever they need.

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